Michelle and Corinne 2020 - offer an an opportunity to try a short experience of Holstic Pulsing - at the Body-Mind-Spirit Expo Christchurch.

HP Introduction opportunities

We welcome you to try Holistic Pulsing, whatever your body-work background; often the first experience of this very gentle modality, and you are hooked! You might be:

  • a curious novice pulser or pulsee
  • looking for self growth, personal healing
  • a family wanting an effective calming resource for each other
  • a caregiver, wanting to add a soothing clothed resource to your caring 'kete'
  • a health practitioner, with some or little previous body-mind experience, upskilling or fulfilling professional development workshop requirements.

The best way to sample HP is with a registered NZ HP Guild practitioner, where you'll receive a highly trained Integrative Holistic Pulsing experience. For further information about HHT workshops, see here. For information on HHT registered tutors and attending pre-workshop "tasters", please see opportunities to experience pulsing, on this page, to find an intro-pulse-day close to you, or invite a tutor to your town!


Holistic Pulsing Guild members also offer Holistic Pulsing at Fairs and Expos - this is an opportunity to try a short experience of Holistic Pulsing - please enquire when the next expo is near you. Contact us.For more information, please contact: corinne.murray@holisticpulsing.org.nzSave

Many HP communities get together regularly, to practise, receive pulsing, refine their skills, in the supportive safe space of peers and friends.

Short 'tasters and 'Introductory HP' Costs are set by individual tutors and hosts.

Myffie James     myffie.james@holisticpulsing.org.nz      Corinne Murray    corinne.murray@holisticpulsing.org.nz
Barbara Gibb     barbara.gibb@holisticpulsing.org.nz

Some of our members love sharing this gentle modality, and we support them to offer introductory play-shops, in their local areas.

Please note: These are not training workshops where you gain a qualification, but an opportunity to ’taste’ Holistic Pulsing and enjoy the experience. You could then choose to train as a practitioner with Holistic Health Training, presently the only NZQA accredited trainer of HP in New Zealand.

* Costs for "tasters and 'introductions to HP' are set by individual tutors and hosts, please enquire with each tutor.