Peta Joyce and Barbara Gibb had the opportunity to interview Roberta Skye at Pah Homestead, Auckland, when she travelled to New Zealand in 2019. A short portion of the full interview can be viewed here, the longer video is available on the members only portal. Peta Joyce shares early stories of Roberta.

"I met Roberta Skye, who became my practitioner when I was going through the full Diploma training with Tovi, was invited by her to be a private student, before Tovi wrote her first book Gentle Miracles. Subsequently, Roberta was invited to teach throughout New Zealand, and then Europe, when Tovi went to live and teach in Australia. Tovi then went back to live in her home country, Israel, where she founded the International Training School for Holistic Pulsing in 1998.

Roberta (who now lives in Canada) says,

“I was first introduced to Holistic Pulsing when Tovi offered me a 10 minute session for my sore back. Receiving this deep listening, gentle, free-flowing body work was profound. I was surprised to be in tears in a few minutes, we went so deep so quickly. It’s continued appeal for me was that, if one is truly holistic, you could address everything with integrity and respect.”

“I appreciated Tovi because she revelled in going deep. She had a delight and fascination with the human condition. When I was her student she was writing her first book, and she was excited about experimenting with her ideas and processes – we were in a spirit of inquiry together. She also had a quality of personal radiance which was inspiring.”


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Now Tovi's legacy lives on in her books, in we who trained with her, and in our students, practitioners and teachers in New Zealand, Australia and Israel, and in Europe and other countries where Holistic Pulsing lives on. The International Training School for Holistic Pulsing continues its work and sells Tovi’s books

Tovi Browning's books are now on Electronic version.

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The Diploma class of 1991. Roberta Skye is front right seated.