Becoming a member of The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc. is easy!

There are three levels of membership:

1. Associate Membership $25.00 annually

2. Relaxation registered practitioner members are those with Holistic Health Training Module 2 Holistic Pulsing or equivalent. $75.00 annually

3. Therapeutic registered practitioner members are those with the old Guild Diploma or Holistic Health Training Certificate in Holistic Pulsing or equivalent. $85.00 annually

Registration is a 2 yearly cycle, which involves submitting evidence of professional development, a current First Aid Certificate, a reflective practice statement, and a statement from your supervisor, or feedback from a peer.

Email the Holistic Pulsing Guild  for a detailed registration pack, or to get further information on your membership status.

2024 Annual Guild Associate membership fee $25. Annual Subscription fee is $75 for Relaxation practitioner and $85 for Therapeutic practitioner (includes a free practitioner listing on the website).

Registration is a two-year cycle.
Anyone who is registered can advertise events (including teaching) on the website for an annual fee of $25.


  1. You are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of professional development every two - year cycle.

The professional development hours may consist of:

  • Training to update your skills and knowledge in Holistic Pulsing or related areas (for example other body therapies, practitioner skills, bodymind or psychotherapeutic skills).
  • Coaching/Mentoring or peer sessions that emphasise specific skill development or reflective practice.
  • Engaging in the community of practice of Holistic Pulsing by participating in retreats, workshops, health expos, events or training offered by the Holistic Pulsing Guild or its members.
  1. You are required to submit a reflective practice statement summarising your learning and development from your professional development activities and outlining your future plans (template 1) and a statement from your supervisor, or from a peer to whom you have offered a hands-on session (template 2).

Relaxation Practitioner Registration Application

Therapeutic Practitioner Registration Application

  1. You are required to have a current First Aid certificate, and be a current member of the Guild.



Whatever your future registration pathway takes, or however long, the Guild will support your progress. We can offer:

  • Mentoring and support
  • Templates for Case studies and Peer swaps
  • Retreats for peer swap availablity
  • Tailored workshops to build your skills.

Please contact us for any further information:

PAY YOUR 2024 Subscription

- ALL MEMBER LEVELS 2024 annual sub (due 31 March 2024).


The Holistic Pulsing Guild (NZ) Inc.


Thank-You for your support!

The NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild values the Registration process. Registration is standard practice for any profession and is one way that professional associations can ensure the members they endorse are involved in their own ongoing self-care, keep up to date with their skills, work within the ethics and standards of the profession, and have a supportive community of practice.

The regular process of registration is valuable and empowering in terms of continuing professional development and peer support. Having registered members supports the NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild, and the profession of Holistic Pulsing, to be a vibrant and evolving professional community.


For further information about attending, please contact us.

  • Registered practitioners can advertise on the website,
  • use the Holistic Pulsing Guild logo,
  • be promoted through inquiries via the Guild,
  • receive regular newsletters,
  • attend Holistic Pulsing events
  • and have access to the lending library.

For further information please contact us.

  • Being registered means that you are eligible for support from the NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild in cases of complaint or malpractice received through the Guild, the Privacy Commissioner, or the Health & Disability Act. If you are practicing without being a registered member of the Guild, you are still liable for these complaints, but you have no professional accountability or support.
  • You will be issued with a Practicing Certificate that you can display in your clinic, and a listing on the website.


Peta Joyce demonstrates a technique at a Head Pulsing special Gathering workshop in 2019


2018 HP Professional Development Gathering.
"The HP professional development workshop offered participants a safe playground where I could incorporate the language-ing into the pulse - assisting pulsees to reflect inwardly without going into their heads. This prepared me for my Registration in a very supportive environment. "

  • welcoming atmosphere
  • safe place to learn and experiment
  • fun learning within small groups
  • humour and humility
  • self healing
  • relaxing self care for professionals
  • great boundaries
  • enhanced sense of well-being
  • collegiate upskilling
  • expanded self awareness

    "The recent HP annual professional development workshops and associated gathering brings us all; those who have been in the 'field of pulsing' for many years, and those who are relatively new to the 'field', into a comfortable, warm and nurturing space. We enter into and are in, a 'pulse of belonging'; belonging to a supportive and caring loving group of beings." JM 2018

  • practitioners add other skills to their kete
  • professional development transferable
  • expand their knowledge
  • refine client-centered skills
  • experience a holistic approach in practice
  • build a community of practitioners