Current NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild Members 2023-2024

Registered Practitioners - includes Relaxation and Therapeutic Registered Practitioners. For more information and their photo please see their in depth listings on our Practitioner page

Associate Members - includes students, non-registered pulsers and friends of the Guild

Membership Type
Auckland Area
Heidi Downey027 313 Therapeutic Practitioner
Connie Kristensen027 475 7565kristensenconnie02@gmail.comAssociate
Bay of Plenty Area
Michelle Woolley022 356 6115
Golden Bay
Ali Symmons021 179 9543aloops@yahoo.comAssociate
Amanda Lock021 161 5900Associate
John Massey027 234 8561yogaia10@gmail.comAssociate
Yana Hoos027 205 8833Associate
Tasman Area
Crysal Olds027 257 Therapeutic Practitioner
Flo Gaud021 023 68720flogo73@hotmail.comAssociate
Heather Grant Sands021 033
Rachel Salter021 229 6229
Nelson Area
Claire Taylor027 260 9471www.nikaumassage.comRegistered Relaxation Practitioner
Jenny Kelso021 295 5744Associate
Marcia Montgomery021 185
Myffie James021 154 Therapeutic Practitioner
Tina Gonzalezwww.tinafoxgonzalez.comTinafoxgonzalez@gmail.comAssociate
Marlborough Area
Deborah Barton021 035 5878https://deborahbarton.comAssociate
Michelle Jackson027 503 9320chellespace@gmail.comAssociate
Tracey Williams027 318 1285Associate
West Coast Area
Charlene Scott021 254 2489cjkpjhs@gmail.comAssociate
Canterbury Area
Corinne Murray021 022 Therapeutic Practitioner
Kate Tester021 039 0170katejtester@gmail.comAssociate
Leisa Williams021 239 3246leisamero@gmail.comAssociate
Rebecca Hall021 297 2441www.bodypace.nzRegistered Relaxation Practitioner