Holistic Pulsing Guild Complaints Process

The Holistic Pulsing Guild has a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for the professional conduct required of its registered members. Copies of these may be obtained from the Guild, its members or on the web site (www.holisticpulsing.org.nz)

How to make a Complaint

If you believe the Code of Ethics and/or the Standards of Practice have been breached, then a complaint may be made to the Holistic Pulsing Guild. A breach may be an incident or a general feeling that the practitioner has acted inappropriately. “Inappropriate” means anything that is not relevant or necessary to the treatment or service. Complaints made must be relevant to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice  and (not of a personal nature).

You may choose to make a complaint directly to the Health and Disability Commissioner

on 0800 11 22 33, or at www.hds.org.nz 

For further information, contact: complaints@holisticpulsing.org.nz 

(Note: this is an entirely confidential email, that goes directly to our Complaints Officer).

What happens next

The Guild Secretary will acknowledge receipt of your confidential complaint in writing, give a projected time frame for the complaints process and inform the Complaints Officer that a complaint has been received.

The complaints process will begin. 

The Holistic Pulsing Guild supports full members with current registration through the complaints process. Where the practitioner is not registered, they will be notified of the complaint and encouraged to set up their own supports. The complainant will be notified.

If you are not satisfied with the result of the process, you have every right to take your complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner (www.hdc.org.nz or 0800 11 22 33)  

When a Complaint is Received

The Holistic Pulsing Guild assigns an experienced member to be the complaints person each year. That person, on receipt of a complaint, may assign another member that he/she can work with that he/she feels has the expertise relevant to the particular complaint. He/she may also seek supervision (at the Guild’s expense) for support.

The Complaints Team and the Holistic Pulsing Guild Core Group must act fairly and impartially. If any member of the Complaints Team or Core Group feels compromised, they must withdraw from the process. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.

The process:

    1. The secretary will receive a complaint via the post or the assigned Complaints person will receive the email at complaints@holisticpulsing.org.nz Any verbal complaint must be written down in detail and sent to the Secretary or Complaints person. The complaints form can be downloaded from the website or the secretary can forward a copy.
    2. The Complaints Team will advise the practitioner that a complaint has been made and outline the details. The practitioner can then speak to the incident and write a report outlining their view. At this stage a mentor may be assigned to them for support. Supervision may be recommended. 

    The Guild supports members who are currently registered practitioners with the Guild through the process. If the member is not currently registered then they need to seek their own personal support. Supervision and mentoring is encouraged (through a private contractual arrangement). The complainant is notified that the Guild has no authority to follow the process and outlines the steps that have been taken.

    The Complaints Team discusses the issue and communicates as needed between the complainant and practitioner. 

    If no resolution is reached, the Complaints Team contacts the Core Group to discuss the incident and formulates its recommendations. A formal letter to both parties is drafted outlining the recommended course of action. The mentor for the practitioner is also notified so they can receive the relevant support. 

    If action is taken and there is resolution then an incident report is to be written by the Complaints Team and sent to the Core Group keeping the names of the parties confidential.

    If the action is rejected by the practitioner (after supervision on the issue) then an appeal can be made to the Complaints Team within one month.  If there is no agreement between the practitioner, the Complaints Team and the Core Group, then membership of the Guild may be rescinded or any other appropriate action taken. The complainant is informed of the practitioner and the Core Groups responses and informed of the complaints procedure with the Health and Disability Commission (HDC) so they can choose to take the matter further. An Incident Report is written.

    If necessary, an outside supervisor is contracted to review the process to ensure clarity and offer mediation.

    The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild formal complaint process:
    Download and print off the official Complaint process document here. Fill out, scan and email to the HP Guild Complaints Officer.

    For further information, contact: complaints@holisticpulsing.org.nz 

    (Note: this is an entirely confidential email, that goes directly to our Complaints Officer).

    If you have a complaint, or wish to talk to our Complaints Officer, confidentially, contact us for any further information:


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