The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild encourages a community of mindful, ethical practice.

It has a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for the professional conduct required of its registered members.

Download and print off the Code of Ethics document here for your clinic or client's information.

Download and print off the Standards of Practice document here for your clinic or client's information.

 If you believe the Code of Ethics and/or the Standards of Practice have been breached, then a complaint may be made to the Holistic Pulsing Guild.

For further information go here Link to complaints page or email  (Note: this is an entirely confidential email, that goes directly to our Complaints Officer).

For further information, contact: 

"The HP Guild professional environment, ethics and standards, gives me confidence and the backing to be in professional private practice. For me, personally, it gives robust accountability, safe practice and I feel part of an organisation that cares." BG