August 2022 Wellington with Myffie James

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Holistic Pulsing workshops:
'Introducing Holistic Pulsing to your toolkit' with Myffie James
2022 ideas brewing... contact us if you are interested.
"I feel so grateful and fulfilled. I learnt about attitude to body, to clients, to myself, about trust and respect. I didn't think much about it before. Something between the lines. I learnt a lot just literally being beside you. You have amazing listening skills (ears, eyes, heart) and give enough space without control and judgment of our learning process."

Module 3 Holistic Pulsing Training

We are starting to look at dates in 2022/23 and venues for running the residential Module 3 training. This will pull together students from across NZ. Be sure to be attending to all the requirements so you are ready to come and learn how to deepen your practice further. Stay engaged with your tutor who can support you along this learning journey and keep you informed of plans.

Holistic Pulsing Canterbury workshops: 'The Gentle Art of Body Mind' with Corinne Murray.  Module 1  2022.

Module 1 training in Wanaka and Dunedin 2022 For further details and enrollment, contact:

  • Introductory Evenings anytime
  • Individual & small group HHT teaching available on demand, where and when suits the student.
    Some "Potluck' student pulsing evenings or weekend slots happening in 2022 at both Christchurch Central and Birdlings Flat

VENUE: Christchurch Central Venue and Birdlings Flat Community Centre
For information on any of the above contact Corinne on 03 3290067 or 021 022 80908. Email
or visit:

"There is something very special about Corinne. Her way of teaching and her energy makes for a truly inspirational course, so much so I undertook the most magical weekend transformation.
She guided and inspired us with her gentle energy and her passion for pulsing. By the end of the course, I knew I'd found the therapy for me to move forward with and couldn't wait to go out and practice it.
I wouldn't hesitate to take another course with Corinne, she makes it a truly magical experience."

KT, Christchurch.