We are The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc  . . . the Home of Holistic Pulsing in Aotearoa, New Zealand, since 1992 . . . The Guild is a professional association of Holistic Pulsing practitioners and teachers, who are passionate about sharing this profound relaxation and therapeutic Mind-Body modality.
Contact us at: info@holisticpulsing.org.nz  and visit:  facebook.com/pages/New-Zealand-Holistic-Pulsing for more information and to access an accredited practitioner or training near you.


Video by NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc. 2012. Authentic sessions and interviews with New Zealand practitioners (pulsers) and clients (pulsees).
We are The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.
Since 1992, the Guild has been a professional association of Holistic Pulsing practitioners and teachers. We are passionate about sharing Holistic Pulsing, and committed to promoting it in New Zealand. We provide a strong, supportive network, and organise retreats, professional development and registration for qualified members.

The Holistic Pulsing Guild welcomes new and old members! If you are a student at any level, or an experienced Holistic Pulsing practitioner, we have a lot to offer:

  • A friendly, supportive professional association
  • 25+ years expertise in Mind-Bodywork
  • Retreats and Professional Development
  • A very affordable Membership Sub (starts at $25.00)
  • Practitioner Registration, Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Complaints Procedure and practitioner support in the event of a complaint
  • Website advertising - Registered practitioners

Come and join us: contact us for our membership form, rates and other membership benefits.

Guild Registered Practitioners are fully trained Certificated Practitioners and experienced Holistic Pulsing practitioners at one of two skill levels:

  • Therapeutic
  • Relaxation

Search our site: www.holisticpulsing.org.nz/practitioners/  for practitioners nearest to you. If you can't find a practitioner, please contact us as we have members that may not be listed on our website, and we can advise you.

Welcome! please explore our site and contact us for further information: